Hand-Printed Wrapping Paper


I have been making my own wrapping paper since I started block printing at the end of 2019. This is the first year I am selling it, it always gets such a great reception that I thought it was time to share. 🙂


The Star Design block is about 5×5-inches, which means more impressions than when I print with one of the bigger 12×18 or 9×12 blocks.


Most of the wrapping paper is sold in 2ishx8-feet rolls, but because of the size of the star blocks, those papers are 2×5 and 2×6 depending on the roll.


If you’d like me to print a custom sheet of wrapping paper, select that option and let me know in the notes which design (from blocks I already have) and which ink colors you’d like. I’ll reach out with any questions!

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Hi My name is Anne Pick and I am printmaker based in Portland, Oregon.

I have been printing wrapping paper for my friends and family every year since I started block printing in 2019. I love it because it adds a personal touch to even more personal gifts.

This year, I will be selling my hand-printed wrapping paper at markets and on my website for the winter holiday season. There are a few of the sheets I already have available. You can also order custom sheets of wrapping paper from blocks I’ve already printed, selecting the ink and paper color, as well, on my website at

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Thank you for your support now and throughout the year.


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