The Printmaker

Anne Pick (she/her) started block printing in September 2019 and hasn’t looked back. A lifelong art and music lover (and music journalist), her large concert poster collection inspired her to start creating and printing her own.
Reduction block printing is the perfect medium for her poster-printing dreams. Posters are printed by hand  in single editions, which means every print is a unique, an original piece of art, not a digital replication. 
Anne’s use of reduction printmaking to create concert posters, album covers, and band designs brings something fresh and distinct to music art.
In her art, Anne draws inspiration from music, space, time, humor, healing, sapphic love and the mysteries of the universe. The contrast between darkness and bright colors is something always inherent in her work. 
Anne loves digging for vinyl records, going to concerts, camping, exploring Portland on foot, cooking, snowboarding and spending time with friends and family. Anne currently lives in Southeast Portland, Oregon, with her cats Winston Bishop and Synthesizer.
Anne pick holds block-printed flowers in front of her face

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